CPU Getting Too Hot And Overheating

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I am using a desktop that I had purchased 4 years ago. But from few months my CPU getting too hot and overheating, it is misbehaving. Then how can I fix my CPU from overheating?

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CPU Getting Too Hot And Overheating


CPU becomes too hot due to the faulty circuit or overclock or malfunction of the CPU fan and heat sink. When a CPU becomes too hot then it can damage the motherboard or /and nearby components over time. At the same time, excessive heat is very bad for the computer. The CPU has not failed if you can enter the BIOS setup. If your CPU had failed then you would not see anything on the screen.

You can fix your CPU from overheating by following the steps given below:

First, you unplug your computer before opening the case, consider other options first after that you remove the small CPU culling fan. Then release the CPU. You take care not to drop the processor cull it of it is stuck.

At last, you clean out the heat sink and then carefully wipe off any residual thermal paste. Finally, you fixed your CPU from heating.

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