Additional hard drive not showing in Mac

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Hi there! I am having a little trouble with my Intel Mac Pro. It used to work just fine until I installed two additional hard drives. The thing is only one of the two new drivers is visible. It is actually in the Disk Utility and from there I could see, repair, and verify it but it doesn’t seem to appear in the Finder. I can even access the programs in it as long as I course it through Disk Utility and not the Finder. I also noticed that this particular hard driver is mounted and I could actually open it by just clicking on it. Could you tell me what could have happened to my other hard drive and also, why is it that I could only access the visible one through Disk Utility? I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

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Additional hard drive not showing in Mac


Hello Kenneth,

Please visits the links which I am going to provide to be able to help you solve your problem regarding additional hardware on your Mac. These are some forums which you can learn a lot on how to solve your problem. Make sure that you will read it carefully and follow the step by step procedure.

Informational Site 1

Informational Site 2

Informational Site 3


I hope it will help you solve your problem.



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Additional hard drive not showing in Mac


Hi Kenneth,

You can try one of the below option in sorting out your issue.

1. Use the Partition Wizard software which is a freeware. Even you may try third party software if you like. It will be able to detect your already installed hard drivers. Then you can partition it giving an appropriate naming. Afterword you will be able to detect it in your installation screen as well as BIOS.

2. If you don’t like this idea of using partition wizard then I can give you a temporary solution. Follow below instructions. This will create a shortcut to the desktop for quick access of the not showing hard drive.

In Finder Go >> Go to lists>> Select the hard drive>>Then select File>>Make Alise

3. Also try under the Disk Utility clicking the drive and verify disk this will might direct you to repair option. Also do unmount and remount several times in Disk Utility which will make your drive to come online.

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