Continuous flickering of monitor Acer Aspire S3-392G

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I have this laptop and it’s been working fine since I have it. I installed an upgrade on my video card software and then it constantly flickers. I can’t restore it the old factory settings since I misplaced the installation disc for it. Is there any way that you can help me resolve this issue? What are the possible cause of this problem? I don’t want to reformat this laptop because I have lots of documents inside it. Can you give me more options to resolve this problem? Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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Continuous flickering of monitor Acer Aspire S3-392G

  • First of all scan the computer to to detect any malware attack that causes this issue.
  • Also try restarting the device (since a refreshing reboot has the capability to fix certain system issues)
  • Follow the system updates regularly
  • Identifying & removing the applications with issues (which can be detected by switching to the safe mode)

If all the attempts prove useless, it seems that there is an issue with the last upgrade on the video card software. So try installing the latest back up available in order to solve the issue.

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