PC brightness has gotten considerably low games not running

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My computers brightness has suddenly gotten row. I did try all the graphics configuration settings but for some reason it is not increasing and there has been a problem with some games as well which are not running and I think it is due to this brightness problem. Should someone know of this problem,

kindly help me get out of it.

Adolfo Brown

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PC brightness has gotten considerably low games not running



The problem is with the brightness of your computer. Brightness is very important to run a program. You can adjust the brightness through the Display Properties-Settings. You can adjust Screen resolution (high/less) and Color quality (32 bit/64 bit) here. This is important for games and other video programs. If it does not change, check the connection of your monitor with the CPU. You can also shift your PC from the earlier place to avoid any magnetic field. You can also make sure that you have not installed any upgraded program not compatible with the current configuration of your PC.

I hope you understand it.



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