Considerations when buying a projector for home use

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I have always wanted to buy a projector to increase the screen ration for viewing and gaming, however I have no idea what to look out for. What are some of the features and characteristics that I should be on the look out for? How can I tell a good projector from an average one in the market?

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Considerations when buying a projector for home use



1. Cost. Off course projector is much expensive than a regular LCD or smart LED Television sets. Try to go or visit different appliance centers and compare prices. Holidays are the best time to buy any appliances because they will flash most of their items for sale or low price.

2. Lighting in your room. Check the lighting where you’re going to place the projector. Light suppressors like blinds and curtains will be of great help here. Why? There are no perfect technology. It’s just improving as time goes. There are certain way to identify the best projector to buy. We call it “lumens.”

3. Room size. The size of the output of projector must coincide with your room size. If room is too small and walls are too close to each other you will not get the best output of screen size.

4. Screen or reflector. Pull-down screens that we use in auditorium or classrooms are the most common reflector for projector. There are other types that will give best output like matte or reflective screen will enhance the output rather than pull-downs.

5. Lamps of projector. The life-expectancy of projector lamps will only last for at least few years or sad to say others will just in months. As it gets older the light will become darker. This is also extra cost for the projector owner and also could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

6. Sound or Audio System. You need to have a hi-fi sound system to achieve the ambiance of a full home theater. I suggest Harman, Bose, Dynaudio, Paradigm and more.

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