How to transfer video from VCR to hard disk?

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Hi everyone,

I don't know whether you guys have heard about VCRs. VCRs were played in a VCR (Video cassette records) players and were used to record and play video on TV, before the CD, VCD, DVD generation. Some people I spoke to had heard of these, but didn't know how to help my problem.

My dad has many oldies (classic songs and movies) in VCRs. He asked me whether I could put them into a DVD. I know how to create DVDs, but the only problem is how to connect the VCR player to my PC and to transport the video (VCR) to the hard disk. 

Please tell me how to connect the VCR player to the PC, any hardware requirements and if there is, any software requirements as well. I would appreciate it greatly. 



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How to transfer video from VCR to hard disk?


Here are the Items what you'll need:

1. Computer

2. Video transfer hardware and software

Here is the process:

1. In Your Computer, put the software disk of your choice video transfer program. You don't have to connect any hardware yet. Run the software disk through its installation process. If requested during the process, connect the hardware. Restart the computer when the installation to complete.

2. On your computer, connect the transfer hardware, then connect your VCR to the transfer hardware. Run the transfer software program.

3. Push the Play button on your VCR and go ahead the recording in your transfer software. Stop the recording when the segment you are recording is finished. After that, save your file. Do any editing or cleanup work if necessary, if your software allows it, save it one more time.

Here are some tips:

Be patient. This process works in real-time and you have to let each tape running.

Do a few test recordings before transferring your whole VHS collection.

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