The connection to your computer was lost SOPCAST

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My SOPCAST software keep throwing error message that the connection to computer was lost. I am plugged in to my network. I know for sure all my connections are plugged in.

I confirmed that I am able to share my files from my PC. Not sure what this error exactly means. My machine has Windows XP SP3 installed on. My firewall is also turned OFF.

Can anyone suggest any ideas for the below error message?

Status code: 53-C00DF238

The connection to your computer was lost.

Make sure your computer is turned on,

connected to your network, and running

media sharing software.

Status code: 53-C00DF238

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The connection to your computer was lost SOPCAST


Hi There RobinsonYoung.

It seems like you are having problems with your internet connection.

Please try these things:

Did you check if you can connect to the internet using your browser? If you can’t double check your cables and wiring’s that you use to connect to the internet.

Also try to temporarily disable you firewall and anti-virus, which might be blocking your internet connection.

Please also check if your Sopcast application is using a proxy server.

It might also have to do with your current location that might be blocking some certain ports.

Another thing if you are using Peer Block, Peer Guardian etc. disable it.

Hope this helps you!

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