How I can boost-up my hard disk speed?

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Hello dear,

I am using Microsoft windows XP and I am having an issue with my hard disk drive. The problem I am facing is that my hard disk drive is not working well and my hard disk speed is very much slow than usual.

When ever I want to access the my computer, it take very much longer than usual and even if I open a folder it take almost two to three minutes to open. Moreover I am facing the issue of slow programs loading mean my programs like instant chat messengers and web browsers are also taking so much time to open. I have tried my best to solve this issue but I am not been able to do so.

To get rid of this problem I firstly checked my computer for viruses but I got to know that there is no virus. Secondly, I checked my hard disk via chkdsk command but no gain.

In the end I would like to say that I have applied my all methods which I know but none of them worked.

I want to know that how I can boost-up my hard disk speed?

If anyone has got any clue to solve this issue then please tell me? I shall be very thankful boss.

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How I can boost-up my hard disk speed?


You also need to check out for any bad sectors on the hard disk:

1. Open Command prompt (Press Windows icon along with ‘r’ and type cmd and press enter).

2. Type the command as shown below:

Chkdsk C: /f /r

3. Type ‘Y’ and press “Enter” on the keyboard whenever it is prompted with an error saying that the utility cannot lock the drive.

4. Restart the computer once you receive the prompt after completing the chkdsk.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue with Hard Disk performance please go with the below steps:


The files are normally stored in bits and pieces on the hard disk where ever the spaces are available. Disk Defragment is Microsoft windows utility used to increase the performance of the hard disk by rearranging the pieces of files which were stored in contiguous form.

1. Right click on the drive (C / D / E / F which ever partitions which are present in the computer each at a time).

2. Select “Tools” from tab menu.

3. Click on “Defragment Now”.

4. Select the drive which we need to perform the Defragment.

5. Click on ‘Analyze disk’ which will check the file locations on the sectors of the hard disk and will give a colored picture of the location of files.

6. After completing Disk Analyzing computer will automatically suggest whether to defragment or not depending up on the results.

7. If the results suggest Defragment, please defragment the drive which will rearrange the fragmented files and remove unnecessary spaces which are created by multiple creation of files or by deletion of files.

8. Defragment may take time depending up on the bad sectors on the drive.

9: Regularly we need to analyze the drives in order to increase the performance of the disk drives.

10. All the cache files will be places in Temp folder, hence regularly we need to delete the files from the temp folder in order to increase the performance.

The path of the folder can be as mentioned below :

C:Documents and SettingsABCLocal SettingsTemp (where ABC is the username (Profile).

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How I can boost-up my hard disk speed?


Best way of speeding up would be just too back-up your data and just go through a new installation of windows, That will surely make it as good as new. And in case if you do that make sure you are not backing up the viruses or other cookies or Spyware that were slowing down your computer. 

It is better not to copy any software data. (If you are following the procedure also make sure that you have all your drivers backed up, because there are ties when windows XP does not recognize a hardware and it is very common with your audio driver).

If you are not comfortable with that, you can just go on with Defragment you HDD. Simply go to Start>programs>accessories>System tools> Disk Defragment and fully defragment it rather than just going for a quick one.

Run virus scans with the latest virus definitions updated. And most importantly stop all your unnecessary startup programs. (start>run> type "msconfig" and press enter then you will see options of turning off programs at your startup).

You can also just delete programs you do not use. Go to control panel > add & remove programs and delete all you do not use.

I hope these will help you speeding up your pc.

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