Connect Nokia S60 phone to HP printer using Bluetooth

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Can anyone help me with my problem? I have a Nokia E72 s60 phone that I use to connect to my HP printer through via bluetooth. I can print images without any problems but whenever I try to print other applications such as notes, the printer is not detected. This never happens to my E90 communicator. Please help me with this as this is very important. Thank you so much.

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Connect Nokia S60 phone to HP printer using Bluetooth


For this problem, you have to check the properties of your printer.

First, check the printer name. You can put anything in there or you can just have the real name of your HP printer.

Second, check the driver. The driver name should be left as it is which is the default name of the printer driver.

Third, check the bearer. It should be SOCKET / HP JETDIRECT.

Fourth, check the access point. It should contain the SSID of your wireless network.

Fifth, check the host. You should put there the IP address of your printer.

Sixth, leave the port on default 9100. You can put any name on orientation, paper size, quality mode, media type, and color mode fields.

Lastly, Put something related to your printer on printer model. You can type OfficeJet if you have that kind. Now try to send a text message to your printer and it should be able to print it.

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Connect Nokia S60 phone to HP printer using Bluetooth


The Nokia E72 Smartphone supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Now, if you print with your phone, that means you connect and print with your printer wirelessly. If you usually print with your phone via Bluetooth, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth connection is turned on. If you can’t connect or print using Bluetooth, try using Wi-Fi since your phone supports Wi-Fi connection.

This should fix the problem. But if you still can’t print wirelessly, one possible reason is that the application you are using does not support wireless printing. If this is the case, just use the application that supports wireless printing. Even if your phone supports wireless printing, not all apps on the phone can print wirelessly or supports wireless printing.

Try checking the apps for new versions and see if the new version supports wireless printing.

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