Computer hardware and internet problem(windows 7)

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I have just purchased a computer for my personal use since I am a new user of computer and I am suffering from some hardware problems.

My personal computer specifications are Hard disk, 40 GB Ram, 1 GB Motherboard, 4 GEGA HERTZ, Tower casing, DVD ROM, I am using the windows 7 in it. And I am also using the internet facility on my personal computer I have taken the connection from a nearby connection provider. I have purchased the pc before one month ago I am suffering form a lot of problems in it some of the problems are related to the software problems but the major problem is related to the hardware.

Most of the time my internet also not works properly I guess there is some hardware issue in my personal computer. First of all tell me about my pc specifications that these are in accordance as per the requirement of internet usage. If these are not related to then please tell me the specifications which I have to built in my personal computer.

Tell me only the necessary specifications which I have to add in my personal computer. I think just one or two time I can’t shut down the computer properly due to the load shedding problem. Other then that I always shut down it properly. My computer usually remain on stand by because I have to do a lot of work regularly on my computer time to time I just shut down it when I go to sleep at night my pc remains on the whole day when I wake up early in the morning.

I am recently suffering from the problem that my pc suddenly begin to restart automatically and in result I lose my important work kindly tell me about the solution how can I remove it?

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Computer hardware and internet problem(windows 7)


Hello Sywilliam,

Your computer is perfect to use the internet. Actually internet connection does not require any pre requisite like the Windows seven or XP.

You contact with the place from where you got your internet connection. If its their problem then it will be solved. But you can check your LAN card.

To solve the last issue regarding the automatic restart, you will need to restore your system to an earlier time. That is from

Start > All Program > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

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Computer hardware and internet problem(windows 7)


Hello Synwilliam,

Ideally, the hard drive which is only 40 gig is one of the issue. Windows 7 came from a DVD installer and basically it is a huge file compared to Windows XP which is only in a CD. You should have included also the free space in your C: drive. Free space matters most in terms of performance.

The more free space in your drive particularly in C:, the more your computer is faster to respond therefore, it is free from errors or system crashes.

Another one to consider when your computer suddenly restarts is a failing power supply or CPU heat. It is normal that every computer needs a power supply replacement depending on the usage of the computer. CPU temperature also should not be ignored. Computers will restart or shutdown due to extreme heat.

Have a good ventilation to circulate the air and do a clean up to your computer to free it from dust especially in the CPU fan and heat sink.

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