Compile error message in MS Visual Basic

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I am having trouble in using Microsoft Visual Basic. Following is the screen-shot I have taken the time it occurs. I need guidance how to fix this up?

  This keeps on popping whenever I use the application.


Compile error

Expected:end of statement

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Compile error message in MS Visual Basic



Instead of just one grade or one file, we have acquired that, to coordinate your project, you are able to make classes in different files. When you debug a project that applies different files that contain processes and categories, the debugger is awake of the objects and where they are settled. As we will ascertain later, there are different windows that aid you with identifying the objects of your figure. As a result, the instruments such as the Locals windowpane display their articles consequently. As you acknowledge already, the beginning point of a Visual Basic application is the important() operation. If you begin debugging an application that applies many code files, the debugger must first discover the file that carries the principal() operation. If you are debugging a normal comfort application and if the debugger cannot ascertain a file that bears the Main() occasion, you would receive an fault, pointing that your project does not carry an launching point.

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Compile error message in MS Visual Basic


There are many reasons for Compile error “Expected: end of statement”. As you were working on if else statement the following can be the reasons for the error:

1) Misplaced else statement

2) Missing end-if statement

3) Missing double quotes in the condition of if statement

4) Missing opening or closing brackets

Private sub cmd1_click ()



End sub

Here one closing bracket is missing in condition statement .

Hope this will help you.

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