Comparison between Partition magic 8 and Easeus partition master 6

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Need genuine opinion for choosing a smart disk partition software. Which one is much better, Partition magic 8 or Easeus partition master 6? Tell me the various features of both the software's and which one is easy to use? Suggest me the value for money option in the case of the paid version.  

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Comparison between Partition magic 8 and Easeus partition master 6


Hi King Lopezs,

Partition Magics features are:

  • Makes two partitions on a single drive
  • Let’s you safely run multiple operating systems on the same PC
  • You can have multiple Operating Systems on a single PC
  • BootMagic is making the switch between operating systems easy
  • With it you can merge, resize, copy, split, or move your partitions without worrying about losing your data
  • “How-to” wizards will guide you through the partitioning process
  • Windows-based intuitive browser allows you to find, copy and paste your files in both the Windows and the Linux partitions
  • Let’s you create and modify partitions with up to 300 GB
  • Supports USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and FireWire external drives
  • Supports Ext2, Ext3, NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems
  • Converts your partitions with NTFS, FAT32, and FAT File Systems without you losing your data
  • Let’s you enlarge an NTFS partition without even restarting your computer
  • Can resize your NTFS system clusters to the uppermost effective size
  • It supports operations on a partition the size of 300 GB when a partition is below 90% full. For your larger HDDs you are going to need more memory.

Easeus partition masters features are:

  • Resize and/or Move partitions so that you can avoid losing your data, like when you extend your NTFS partition  with no need to reboot your PC.
  • Safely join two nearby partitions into one without you losing your data.
  • Delete partition, create more than one partition or just delete all the partitions.
  • Wipe your data on the not allocated space that is there.
  • Wipe your disk or choose to wipe a partition to delete for good your sensitive data unto your disk.
  • Convert your dynamic disk into a basic disk and Convert NTFS to FAT file system.
  • Turn your primary partition into a logical and vice versa: turn a primary volume into a logical so that you can create a another volume on your disk with four already there primary partitions.
  • Speed your computer up with defragmentation.
  • test your disk surface so that you can check and to find the bad sectors to rebuild your MBR so you can boot your system once again.
  • Managing linux partitions: create, delete, recover EXT3/EXT2 partition, format etc.
  • Supports more than one at a time removable storage devices, hard drive with GPT disk (supporting to about 2TB partition on the MBR with a 4TB partition on a GPT), all hardware RAID.

My opinion is that both those programs are very good but with Easeus Partition Masters you get an absolutely free version for home users which does a lot more than Partitions Magic paid version.


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