Is it possible to only have restricted changes in information?

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Can some roles or tasks be edited or changed to be restricted from changing some information but are allowed for some?

I understand the whole control panel can be edited on permissions but is it possible to just choose parts of access?

One example that I would like to refer to is that if people can edit only some fields of their contacts in the directory like the telephone number but not the name or the position?

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Is it possible to only have restricted changes in information?


Hello Blake, 

I assume you are talking about PCs with windows installed on your hardware. In windows OS you can create different levels of access to control panel, subsequently allowing certain privileges to certain accounts.

However the privileges attributed to a certain level are not editable. Windows decide the privileges associated with a typical user account and you cannot edit it. A specimen explanation of Windows XP user privileges can be read here.

Since you did not mention your OS you will have to browse through the pages pertaining to your specific OS to find instructions for it. However as far as i know, the tasks that can be accomplished via user accounts are pre-defined by Microsoft and cannot be changed. 

I hope that was helpful.


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