CompareExchange128 Error on Installing windows 8.1 in VirtualBox

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I mounted the Windows 8.1 Preview and started the installation on my VirtualBox 4.2.14. But an error appeared during the process.

You can't install windows 8.1 Preview because your processor doesn't support CompareExchange128.

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CompareExchange128 Error on Installing windows 8.1 in VirtualBox


So you are trying to install Windows 8.1 on your VirtualBox? The error you received is due to the CMPXCHG16B CPU Instruction that is disabled in VirtualBox. In order to fix this, follow the steps provided below:

1. Close your VirtualBox VM and go back to your host.

2. Open your Command Prompt as the Administrator and then modify the directory to your VirtualBox installation directory.

3. Type the command below and press the Enter key:

Vboxmanage setextradata [vmname] VBoxInternal/CPUM/CMPXCHG16B 1

After entering the command, nothing will be displayed on the screen. But if you see the path shown in a new line, this means the command has been executed properly.

4. Launch VirtualBox VM and then start the Windows 8.1 installation.


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