Compare AMD Vs. Intel Processors For Laptops In-Depth!

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Which processor is best regarding performance, budget, and speed: Compare AMD vs. Intel processors for laptops? Tell about their features, merits, and demerits in detail!

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Compare AMD Vs. Intel Processors For Laptops In-Depth!


Nowadays, when buying a laptop the most crucial choice to be made is between the processors: amd and Intel.


Here is a simple yet worthwhile comparison to help you choose the best for your laptop:

  Intel Amd

Celeron G1820 (dual-core) – $45

Core i5 (quad-core) – $180

Sempron (dual-core) – $30

A6-5400K (quad-core) – $45

Overclocking Do not support in mid-range chips Supports overclocking most consistently but increases workload on system
Gaming 30-40 frames/sec faster on high end graphics card Not recommended for high-end gaming
Power Efficiency Charge lasts longer Uses more power
Number of cores The process of hyperthreading does not let any core unproductive and rather keeps all existing cores active   AMD keeps its chips faster by increasing the number of cores
Cooling Process More affordable cooling solutions More heat dissipation
Graphics It needs to be coupled with Graphics Processing Unit  Better for integrated graphics


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