How can I maintained the temperature of computer?

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My computer is always on, so it always hot. I usually turn it off the recover its temperature but it took too much time and affects my work. What are the ways to maintained the normal heat of a computer?

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How can I maintained the temperature of computer?


Following are the common observed tips for keeping your computer’s temperature down:

1.    Run your computer with case opened as by this way there will be more space for air flow through the computer.

2.    Regularly clean your computer from inside because what happens is that when more dust gets in the computer, more it is difficult for the computer fans to operate properly specially when dust comes in their way.

3.    You may increase the number of case fans in your computer by purchasing additional fans from the market. As by having more fans installed in your computer, the air flow through the computer would increase.

4.    Place your computer in such a place where the room temperature is normally cool.

5.    Many companies sell large sized CPU fans whose performance and speed is way better than the normal ones. You should try replacing that with the one installed in your computer. This is a good option too.

6.    Incase if you are overclocking your CPU then you should quickly cut down this option. As overclocking results in increasing the temperature of the CPU largely.

7.    You should make sure that your power supply fan is working properly. It is as important as CPU fan & case fan in a computer.

By following the above listed tips you can lower the temperature of your computer to a wide range.

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