CM3530 MFP No EWS After Cold Reset

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I forgot my EWS password. To start anew, I performed a cold reset to fix the problem. I performed the cold reset as said, and now even the EWS is not responding. I enter the IP address (entered manually), and no web configuration page appears. I can no longer reach the printer via HTTP/HTTPS, before the reset I could. What is the procedure to fix it?

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CM3530 MFP No EWS After Cold Reset


To be noted that performing a cold reset on any printer, the EWS information will be reset back to the default.  So if you had a custom IP address or a custom URL for accessing the machine, they are no longer accurate.

Once you have access to the EWS, then you can configure your custom IP and URL back to what they were.

Cold resetting is helpful in cases where you feel that some of the printer’s settings are incorrect, they are commonly used when someone wants to erase the printer’s IP address and network settings and start afresh.

Cold resetting the printer is turning the power off and holding down the GO or Online button while turning the printer on.

Turn the printer off and then on.

Cold reset of HP 2200 –

  • Turn the printer off >Press hold GO> Turn the printer on and continue to hold GO till the Attention light turns on >Release GO>the device lights will start cycling from front to rear.

The cold-reset process will run until its completion, and the device will go to the ready state henceforth.


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