Need help in installing java applets Mac os

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Hello expert, I am using MAC OS on my PC. 

I need to install Java applets Mac. 

Can you please give me the steps to

Install Java applets for Mac operating system and please suggest me updated versions of Java applets for Mac OS.
Presently I am using Java with Mac OS. 
When installing Java applet plugins. It did not install properly and when installing I got errors in installations¾
Hence please provide me the direct link of updated version of Java which can support Mac OS.
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Need help in installing java applets Mac os



To get java applets to work on Mac OS, java plugins which were introduced in java SE 6 update 10 needs to be enabled.

This is not enabled by default, so here are a few tips-

1. Upgrade to 6u17 based java update.

2. Open the java preferences and toggle setting to run applets.

3. Restart your browser.

You can download it here



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Need help in installing java applets Mac os


Hi Madmoore.  To have Java Applets for MAC OS, you must have a latest version of Java.

Here’s the link to download it.

Go to Java Preferences application and toggle setting to "Run applets in their own process" then restart your desktop and try to view the Java Applets.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox there's a way on how to have a Java Applets, you will just need to disable the default MRJPlugin.

First, go to /Applications/ directory then you will move this following file: JavaEmbeddedPlugin.

Bundle, MRJPlugin.plugin into the temp directory.  Restart your browser, and type about: plugins, check if the browser is using "JavaPlugin2_NPAPI.plugin".  And done, you have now Java Applet in your MAC OS.

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