Cloned machine how can reset all to defaults

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Cloned machine, how can reset all to defaults?

We clone our desktops, but i want to reset all settings after cloning as we face lot of conflicts if restored same. I want steps on how to achieve this.

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Cloned machine how can reset all to defaults


Hi there, I am Robbie,

Here's what you can do to reset the settings of your cloned machine. You will need your Windows XP installation disk.

  1. Backup your data! Resetting your Windows Settings will wipe out all your data in your hard drive. Sorry, no other way around this.
  2. Insert your original Windows XP.
  3. Reboot your PC and boot your computer on Windows XP disk.
  4. Once booted, choose Enter Setup. Press Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Choose the XP installation you want to reset from the list, if you have only one installation, there should only be one there.
  6. Choose the file system of your choice and press Enter.
  7. Press Enter to start the setup process to reset your Windows Settings.
  8. Follow the following prompt, enter the settings for Windows XP, this should erase the current one.
  9. Once done, restart your computer.

This is if you really want to completely reset it from when you first install windows. If you don't want to loose data, I suggest just manually changing the settings yourself. Hope that helps.

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