Windows 7 RAM usage is high upon boot up

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I am just amazed that why my idle PC has suddenly started using so much RAM?

I am using Windows 7, 64 bit and i have a 512 Mb of RAM. Upon boot up, it uses 15% of RAM which is I think is a normal case. Then after sometime, this usage starts touching a figure of 60%-70% usage. Is that normal?

This mostly occurs when I am surfing net. I do not use much applications that time ,so why is this so?

Thank you!

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Windows 7 RAM usage is high upon boot up


Mostly in Idle mode, system did not use more RAM but its depend upon you that before the surfing of internet which software you use. If you use huge software then Ram consumption shows high side even you close huge application and become in Idle mode. Other cause, you have installed an antivirus software and when you use internet, antivirus software automatically check all the files and in this situation your pc used  60% of RAM. Yahoo messenger, skype and anti virus software also use maximum Ram.  

Another thing to see is your page file size. To check page file size right click on my computer then select properties then click advanced system settings, click the settings tab of the performance part and choose the advanced tab and select 'let windows choose which is best for my computer' . The larger the page file size the slower your PC will run.

On internet many software available for free your RAM, you can use these software.

Hope you can satisfy.

take care

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Windows 7 RAM usage is high upon boot up


First of all, yes you are right that 15% RAM usage is a normal case. But in case Windows 7 even 55% is also a normal case. Also if your system is sitting idle at 90%, this means that it is not taking advantage of the memory it has. So, if we reserve this logic then it simply means that your system is taking advantage of the memory up to 70%.

Now coming to solutions, then you can do following things to know that what reasons for your system are is using that much memory, and can try to fix it.

  1. Check out that how many and which kind of services are set on automatic mode. When you install Windows, it sets in automatic a lot of services that can be disabled. Or you can also put those to manual, so that they do not start up automatically and cause your system use RAM.
  2. Check out, how applications start automatically without their need ie. Office Acrobat Reader, Nero, Java etc. All these applications, if you do not use these often, then put to manual phase.
  3. It is also advisable to add another RAM of about 512 Mb with your system as simple 512 Mb RAM with Windows 7 isn’t a good idea. Adding RAM will not only cause your %age to fall but will also enhance the efficiency and performance of your system.
  4. Also try to switch 32 bit from 64 bit as it will also make your RAM consumption low.
  5. And the last but not least, can you somehow post an image of your Task Manager, so that someone here could guide you even further.

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