Blackberry Phone Error: Could not play media files

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I am having this problem with my Blackberry over and over again. I never had this problem before. Videos used to run smoothly on my BB without any issues. But now when I try to play videos on YouTube, Facebook, Tumbler and other websites that contain videos, this error keeps on greeting me.

I really wish this would stop. I haven’t made any changes to my phone or anything. I can’t watch videos. Can someone help me with this? What should I do? I have tried other tutorials on how to fix this on other forums but none seem to work with me.


An error has occurred attempting to play media

An error has occurred 

attempting to play 



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Blackberry Phone Error: Could not play media files


Sometime these problems occur when you do not fix the preferences or on up gradation of website, they change by themselves on default. That's why you were facing the problem. The solution is here. All you need to do is, test with YouTube Step by step. The Whole Process is known as Optimization, which includes 10 steps. To do the Optimization all you need to do:

  1. Browse from your phone browser to;
  2. Now go down to the end of the page you will see optimize ;
  3. Select optimize Then select Start Optimization. After This step You will see some Unusual things like heart etc.
  4. Select yes when you see a gray heart them;
  5. Select yes when you see the puppy then;
  6. Select no when the flash lite video files;
  7. Select click here option when pressing number 5 key does squat;
  8. There is no step 5 for some reason skip to next step;
  9. Select yes, then the test video may not work. All you need to do is select yes and in the last;
  10. Select no when h.263 does not work. Now try to watch some video on YouTube your videos should play now.


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