Cell c configuration settings got an error on my mobile

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Hi expert, I have restored my phone today. Now when I was going to the internet it has not connected. Before restore my phone it works properly. I think the cell c configuration settings got the error. Please can you help me create a proper GPRS settings on my mobile?

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Cell c configuration settings got an error on my mobile



Hi there Heather Carr,
You haven't said what mobile phone are you using, but since you're having problems with the GPRS I'm guessing it is not a smartphone.
To restore GPRS settings on your mobile phone you will need a help from your mobile provider.
The quickest and easiest way is to call the call center and request GPRS settings for your phone. 
Dialing *147# from your phone will send you all the necessary settings, including MMS and GPRS. Standard pin you will be asked for to save the settings is 1234. 
Cell C has the option for sending GPRS settings via the internet, so you can visit their page (www.cellc.co.za/settings) enter your phone number and settings will be sent to you.
Or, you can just enter them by yourself. Open your internet settings menu and enter the following settings:
APN: Internet
MMS port: 8080.CellC
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Drake Vivian
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Cell c configuration settings got an error on my mobile




Here is what should do:

1.       Check whether it is a device problem or a carrier problem.

2.        If the problem is with your phone, open the Manage Connections and disconnect mobile Network, WiFi and Bluetooth by unchecking their boxes. Once disconnected, reconnect but to Mobile Network only.

3.       If you cannot connect to your wireless network or if you connect but cannot make or receive phone and transfer data, perform a Soft Reset.

4.       If your phone is not restored, perform Hard Reset. Before you replace the battery, remove the SIM card and replace it to make sure it is seated properly.

5.       After replacing the SIM and the battery and the phone boots up and it still could not connect then contact your carrier.

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