How can i Embed midi player online

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How can I embed Midi Player online into my web page using PHP and ( not a karaoke one) and get all the multimedia file to work on it. Also reply that embed Midi Player online depends on the web browser and plug-ins.

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How can i Embed midi player online



MIDI files (. midi files) are not the most popular way to distribute music on the web, and there are some good reasons for not using .midi files. Because MIDI files offer only a limited range of instruments, you can't insert vocals in it, at least it is a bit like a toy piano.

Flash Players don't go MIDI. But there is another solution that works for MIDI. We can embed it via "object" element.

<object data="mysong.mid">
<param name="loop" value="10"/>
If you're seeing this, you don't have a MIDI player
on your computer.

This is the code you could use.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a MIDI player. Even if they have, not every browser is set up to embed that MIDI player.

And there is also one other thing, that a small fraction of users will not be able to hear your MIDI music.

There is no reliable way to control the MIDI player.


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