Problem streaming videos on PC

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Hello experts

When I shut down my PC, there is a blue screen error message "bad_pool_caller". I have streamed several videos earlier in a day with no problems. But when I tried to stream some videos this evening from the similar provider it was not working.

I used cleaner and restarted my PC. Then I ran Malware with no Malware detected but it still wasn’t streaming appropriately.

Give me a solution. Thanks a lot.

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Problem streaming videos on PC


A bad driver or faulty hardware causing your system to crash and give you a ‘blue screen’

You need either to start in Safe Mode by tapping the F8 until you get the boot up options and select "Safe Mode" or "Last Good known config" and troubleshoot from there or by Repair/install the system.


You may have a bad RAM try to test your RAM by running Memtest by

Downloading this tool and unzip it and make a floppy or CD/DVD and run it



You may need to reposition/reset the RAM sticks in their slots.

After that you could do a repair install, and then test.

If the page file that was corrupted. Selected no page file option under the

Performance menu in system properties, reboot your system and then recreated the page file again on your system.


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Problem streaming videos on PC


Please reinstalls your browser or updates your "software" that make you stream videos online.

Maybe it was damage when you had an improper shutdown.

And if this still not working Have a clean boot I will give you the link for the guide

This is the link

If this still don’t work reformat your computer but before you reformat test your memory first if its good or bad

And to tell you sir about the "bad_pool_caller"

It is because you have a bad RAM memory and you need to test it if it still good.

There are ways to test your ram


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Problem streaming videos on PC


Hi Becon Macline. Thank you for the help! Like what you said, I tried testing my RAM with the link that you provided. Also repositioned the RAM wires. After further troubleshooting, the blue screen is now gone and I could watch videos back to normal.

Thanks TechyV!

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