Can’t Run 16-Bit Windows Program Error

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I am having troubles installing a software. An error keeps appearing when I tried installing and reinstalling. The error is

Can't run 16-bit windows program. insufficient memory to run this application . Quit one or more windows applications and then try again.

I tried running the application compatibility to launch it but it did not work. I can't figure out what is causing this error to appear on my screen. I don't have any 16-Bit application on my computer. I tried a system file check but not succeeded. I also tried to go back to my restore point, but my last restoration was almost a year ago.

I am using a HP Compaq Presario CQ40-310AU laptop with Windows Vista Service Pack 2 32-Bit OS, 2Gb DDR2, 250Gb 5400 RPM HDD Speed.  I want to know if I upgrade my OS to Service Pack 3, will it help? I tried everything, even Hijackthis clean but no effect, run my anti virus, still no change. Is this another registry error? Or do I need to reformat my system? I have googled my problem, they say it an Autoexe.nt something may be corrupt. What do I need to fix this dilemma? Please help people.

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Can’t Run 16-Bit Windows Program Error


The problem is very common now a days but every problem have should some solution.

This problem solution is given below:

First of all click on start button and then click on Run button.

A dialogue will be appeared then type C:windowsrepair and press OK

Then right click on the file Autoexec.nt then copy it.

After copying the file then click on the Start button and click on Run.

In the dialogue type %windir%system32 and click OK

The windows with system32 folder will be appearing. Then paste the copied file in this folder.

After pasting then restart the computer and try to reinstall the software. It should work and no error will be occurred.

This problem is occurred when the registry of the computer is affected.

So if you adopt all the above steps then you should overcome this problem.


Thank You.

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Can’t Run 16-Bit Windows Program Error


I didn't realize that it was easy as that. Thank you blair for helping me fix it.

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Can’t Run 16-Bit Windows Program Error


Hello Chris Carter,

You need to run 16 bit installer under windows 98 in compatibility Mode., It cannot be directly run on Windows Vista 32 bit OS.

For running in Compatibility Mode you need to do the following steps:

1. Right click on the Software exe that you want to rung

2. Choose Properties and go the  Compatibility Tab in the dialog.

3. Then Check the option "run the program in the compatibility Mode For" and in the dropdown choose windows 95 or windows 98 .

4. If this operation failed then check the box "Run the program as an Administrator" and then test

Hope this will help



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