Cannot watch or access using job script

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I have an error job script failed and getting an error message whenever I try to watch anything or try to access. Can you tell me the cause of this error and what does it mean by the following error message? I am looking for an expert’s advice so please help me to fix this annoying error message. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Job failed to complete

Error in action 385: StartIndex Or Length are out of range: Start Index is 1 while text has only 0 characters

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Cannot watch or access using job script


I think the problem is an interruption in your connection since you are using Google Chrome. This web browser has a frequent habit of updating itself automatically without any user intervention. Other web browsers will prompt you first if an update is already available so you can either update it on the spot or do it later.

Other users are already complaining because of Google Chrome’s bad habit of silently updating itself without prompting the user because it consumes too many resources on the computer that makes the machine run slower. More users are getting annoyed with this behavior. I think this habit of Google Chrome caused the error on your computer which is probably due to a slow internet connection.

Just click OK and see if it appears again later. If it does, restart Google Chrome. Close it and then open it again then see what happens. If it’s the same, try restarting the computer or simply use other web browser like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, or Safari.

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