Cannot Sync Zune Software with Samsung Focus

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I have downloaded Zune Software on my laptop. I think this is way far better than iTunes. And I got my new Samsung Focus 16GB which contains free 8GB external memory card. I thought it would be perfect but I was wrong. I am getting errors while using it. The error is stating: “Cannot access the file. The file might be in use; you might not be able to access the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy setting might not be correct.” This error occurred when I attempting to sign in to Zune. I tried seeking online help by going into their website and I got these as my reward in which is too far related to what is really going on. I just tried to log in.

Playback Error — C00D11D2. Cannot access the file. It might be in use, you might not be able to access the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might be wrong. Typically, this error means you can't sync with your device or download updates for the Zune software because you're not connected to the Internet. Internet access might be unavailable for a variety of reasons. For example, you might be experiencing temporary issues with your Internet service provider (ISP). Also, your Windows firewall or third-party software might be blocking Internet access."

When I followed the directions,I cannot sync my phone with my computer. An error is occurring: “Connection Error. Disconnect your phone, restart it, and try again.” I followed the prompt for three times or more without luck. I uninstalled and reinstalled Zune Software without luck again. Feeling tired and exhausted, I needed some help in here.

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Cannot Sync Zune Software with Samsung Focus


From observing the error message that you have posted above, I suspect that the Zune software that you installed is corrupt, and in that case you will need to obtain another copy of it and use it for installation.

Some other things that you might want to check is if you did any sort of windows update occur recently, because the updates may the ones responsible for causing that error. You may therefore be needed to delete a DRM related file that is on your computer and then change the setting in the registry. You can also call the Zune tech support and explain to them your situation; they will for sure help you out.

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