Yahoo Messenger Chat Messages Could not be viewed

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I have a problem with my Yahoo Messenger. Whenever I chat, my nickname and everything that I write did not show up in the chat window.  Whenever someone tried to chat with me, there are no typing or writing being shown up in the chat window.

At first, I thought the colors of the font was accidentally set to white.  So, I went and checked it, but it's not the case apparently. I tried to remove Yahoo Messenger and reinstalled it, but still no such luck. I  tried to install the latest version, but the problem still exists. Some of my friends told me that it was probably  infected with virus.  Another friend told me that it was probably something to do with corrupted flash player. 

Some other friends told me that if it was infected with virus,  I should probably try to re-install the windows. It was annoying and confusing at the same time for not knowing what to do. I don't want to chat using alternative softwares such as Pidgin or E-Buddy.  I definitely don't want to re-install the windows just so I can chat.

Please help me and let me know what's the cause of it and how to fix it so I can chat using Yahoo Messenger.



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Yahoo Messenger Chat Messages Could not be viewed


Hi Keith Longs,

Your problem regarding your yahoo messenger not displaying message from your chat friends.


1. It's not a virus and do not re-install your windows XP operating system
2. Try this. Go to the messenger then click the preferences, then messages. Just click the "show the messages window"
3. If it still does not work. Try the below:

  • Go to Start – Run – regsvr32 jscript.dll – OK   and then…
  • Start – Run – regsvr32 vbscript.dll – OK

It hope it  works.


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Yahoo Messenger Chat Messages Could not be viewed


Hello Keith Long.

  • It would really help if your post included the version of your operating system as well as the version of Yahoo! Messenger.
  • What operating system are you using?  If you are using Windows XP, try installing Windows Script 5.7 for XP.  Download link is right here:
  • There also other versions of Windows Script available for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.  Be sure to exit all browsers and all chat programs and windows before starting the installation.  Reboot the PC after installation.
  • If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 then the above script is already installed by default and need not be updated.
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Yahoo Messenger Chat Messages Could not be viewed


This error happens to me once. I tried everything to fix it by myself until I ended up talking with one of Yahoo agent. His advice is to go to my Yahoo mail and use the messenger in there for the meantime. But I found some workarounds that somehow works for me. Here is it:

It stated that I possibly disabled scripting on my browser. So I need to enable it by:

1. Clicking on Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab, click Custom Level.

2. Scroll down to Script ActiveX controls and then tick the check box to Enable.

3. Scroll to Scripting and then Active Scripting>check Enable.

4. Click Apply then OK button and restart your Internet Explorer.

I followed this and to make it sure, I downloaded the latest version of Yahoo Messenger and install it again. I also installed the recent version of Flash Player and Java. And it works for me.

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