MSM IM error !! Need help!

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Whenever I try to use MSM IM it can't seem to be able to connect instead it gives an error 0X8100030.

So what should I do to fix this problem ?

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MSM IM error !! Need help!


Hey Drey!

The error you are facing is similar to my problem. On searching the internet about this problem, i came to know that there are three reasons of this problem.

This error can become due to the following reason:

1. Date is not set properly:

To set your date, double click on the time on the system tray (bottom right corner of your screen). Set exact time according to your location. And set the current date.

2. Password:

There is also a possibility that your password isn't saved. To solve this you must have to verify it in Upper or lower letter case

3. Change password:

Sometimes you have to change your password according to the information (10 -12 characters).

Do these steps and you will not see this error again.


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MSM IM error !! Need help!


Hi Drey,

I am not sure if you are talking about MSN IM rather than MSM IM.

If this is indeed MSN IM I can give you some tips on how to resolve this issue.

  • First, what version of MSN IM are you currently using? If you are using an older version you probably want to upgrade it. Mine has been upgraded to the latest version (Version 2011 Build 15.4.3538.513) and currently I haven't encountered any problem so far.
Live Messenger
  • If the first one did not work. You can check on your connection settings as this might be the reason why you can't access the messenger service. You can follow the following steps:
  • Login to your Windows Live Messenger, go to Tools>Options>Connection>Advance Settings then click test. As shown on the image below.

 Connection Settings

  • Please also check and disable your firewall, It might be possible that windows is blocking your access to MSN IM.

Hope the following suggestions help you.

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MSM IM error !! Need help!


Thanks Debnath Soco and Tunacao_Caaron1. Thank you both for your solutions.

I updated my settings including the date, connection settings and the firewall.

After some time, the error message is gone.

Thank you TechyV.

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