Can You Fix A Laptop Screen? Please Help!

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My laptop screen cracked yesterday from one side. It’s not cracked a lot, I can still use it, but want to know if there’s any way to fix it. Can you fix a laptop screen?

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Can You Fix A Laptop Screen? Please Help!


Sorry about your laptop.

To tell you properly about whether it is possible for it to be fixed, I will need to know the extent of damage. But even if, like you say, it is not cracked a lot and you can still work on it, I would suggest trying to fix it. For most cases, I suggest replacing the screen completely. It does not require much ado, you just need a basic knowledge of what goes where inside your laptop. You will need a screwdriver as well as a new screen.

First, you need to remove the front screws that hold the different parts together (called the bezel screws). Then, carefully remove the bezel from the screen. Now, put in your new screen and put the bezel back on. Use the screws to screw it up. Other things to remember are that it is possible when your laptop was damaged, some other parts were damaged as well.

So if you are unsure about something, get it checked.

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