Can we watch 3D movies without glasses?

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Can we watch 3D movies without glasses?

I have been keen to know when can we watch movies without glasses?

Are there theaters/Monitors/TV's as this already available?

Can anyone list a few points on this?

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Can we watch 3D movies without glasses?



The answer to your question regarding that if you can see 3D movies without glass is no. Firstly you need a 3D TV or monitor. It is most important, otherwise 3D videos won't work. And yes you can see without glass, but you will see it as blurred. It will seem like red and blue lines without shaky pixels. It can be fuzzy, you may get a headache.

In order to visualize things in 3D, both eyes should see rather a different picture. Your eyes do this as they have a space between them and every eye has a completely different look. The brain then mixes the 2 footage along to make one 3D image that has 3 dimensions.

Hope you get it.

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