How to locate an IP address?

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I am sure some of those who will read this can see my IP address posted, but I'd like to ask how?

How is it someone can trace an IP address on a message board?

How to know which poster's IP address I am getting?

I'm not asking for malicious purposes it is that I don't understand it. 

Thank you.

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How to locate an IP address?


There are ways of knowing a user's IP address. Websites can automatically detect the IP address you are using the moment you enter their respective index page.

This is necessary and important for website owners so they will know how many hits they get each day and from what locations did the hits came from most. Here are some of the facts what usually website tracts and are accessible in their control panel:

  • Hits statistics – shows an overview (sometimes displayed in graph) of the amount of visitors every day and every month.
  • Pages statistics – shows the recently visited pages of the site.
  • Time statistics – shows how many hits it received every hour for the last 24 hours.
  • IP statistics – shows the list of the IP addresses that recently visited the site. Here is where your IP address is listed.
  • Media statistics – shows the platform used to access the site. This lists what you used when you access the site, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, mobile phone brands, external hits coming from other websites like social networking sites where the website is posted.
  • Operator statistics – shows the name of the ISP of the visitors and their respective country of origin. Also lists the number of computer users and mobile users (if the site is accessible via mobile phones) that visited the site.

If you are only a member of a forum or a site, no other members can get your IP address by just using your post.

That is if the site doesn’t include an option of displaying your IP address. If you want to tract somebody’s IP address through his/her email message, use this site.

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How to locate an IP address?


There are several ways that you can use to trace an IP address. You can trace it through WHOIS, which is a fixed IP address that you might be use to identify the owner if the information is available.

But in case you are trying to trace a pooled IP address, then you have to know that you can only be able to trace back to the ISP. In case it is cloaked IP address, then you will only be able to trace back to the cloaking service that is being used.

You can also trace an IP address by getting to the ISP, and sometimes you can use the general location of the POP.
to locate the IP address.

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