Can’t open or use Internet Explorer

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Hello Everyone,

I am using Windows Vista in my laptop and I am trying to connect to the internet by using any web browser. The problem is that my internet connection works well when signing into MSN or other chatting software but did not open any website when I am trying to use Internet Explorer. On the other hand, I have tried installing Firefox but it is not executing when I try to open it.

I have scanned my laptop with various antivirus programs like Malwarebytes and Spybot and deleted all suspicious and infected cookies and even tried to restore my laptop to previous state, but I find no difference. What should I do so that my internet connection starts working in Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Thanks in Advance.

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Can’t open or use Internet Explorer


Hi there!

1) If none of your browsers (internet explorer, Mozilla, or opera) is not working nor opening, it might sound like the problem is in your OS which is Vista. The only solution is that, you need to re install your operating system so any virus that affects your system would be deleted and everything will be back to normal.

2) If only IE is not working then you need to reinstall it or do the following

  1. Type Run in the search box.
  2. Type cmd
  3. Then type ipconfig /renew
  4. Download the latest IE version
  5. Then install it.

In this way, all of your connection will be reset or renew.

Hope this would help.


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