Can someone help me to create a code in excel?

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I have an excel sheet including thousands of codes. Please see the image below.

MS Excel make new code using old code

I want to make a new code using this code. The new code should include the first 5 characters, a dash (-) and the last five characters of the current code.


Can someone tell me an easy way to do this instead copy paste and edit?

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Can someone help me to create a code in excel?


I will give you a way to make the new code using some options in Microsoft excel.

Type the following formula in cell C2 in the same example that you have given.


Cosed in Excel

Then copy it down to other cells.

In column D2 type the following formula.


MS Excel Home

Then copy the same formula to below the cells.

Now in the next column in cell E2 type this formula.


MS Excel Document

Again copy that formula to below the cells. Then you will be able to get the result that you expected.

Getting Result

I believe this answer would help you in order to make easier your work.

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