Can images be able to prevent data burden

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A recent study suggests that one of the ways to prevent  being burdened by data is to present it by use of images rather than text or numbers, can this study be relied upon?

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Can images be able to prevent data burden



Images or text???

You might be aware of the fact TEXT RECOGNITION.

This new chapter allows to identify individual letters or alphabets from an image containing a number of alphabets. In other words, you have a scanned image of a printed page.

Today, the image size does not take much of space. The .jpeg format and other such types saves in a different format unlike the old RGB format. This helps.

Now if your page contains 1024 alphabets, then each alphabet requires 8 bits ( 1 byte), a total of 1024 bytes required to store the page in text format. However if you take a image of the same, and make it a monochrome image (Black & White), then you get a very low image size in .jpeg format..

The main challenge is to identify the characters in the text. Texts have many fonts, which must be asked for the identification from the user.

Many research has been carried out and it is still being carried out at various institutions. Scholars have successfully achieved peaks to identify almost every page given for trial.

However full proof software is still to come out in the market. You may try a bit of skill to develop a better logic. You may try saving documents in image format, however do not delete the text mode documents now itself.



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