Can I schedule shut down on Windows Vista?

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I’m using my Windows Vista computer for work. I usually leave it open, to monitor my work online, but most of the time I am unable to shut down the computer.

I want to know if there is a way, that I can schedule a shutdown, to automatically close it when my work is done.  If there is a way, to do it?

Thanks guys!

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Can I schedule shut down on Windows Vista?



To do this, you will need to create a new task, using your task scheduler. It will then tell your computer to shut down at your preferred time.

To open task scheduler, just type task scheduler on the start menu search box. When it appears on the Programs list, click it; then click Continue when UAC alert opens. When the Task Scheduler window opens, click Create Task, on the right-hand pane.


Then the Create Task window will open, simply create a task name and don’t forget to check the box beside the text Run with highest privileges.

Switch to the Triggers tab, then click New and then setup a schedule that you want. For example, you want to automatically shut down at midnight every day, select Daily then choose the starting date and time. 

Next thing to do is to go under Actions tab. Click New and then enter shutdown, in the program box and /S in the parameters box. You can also enter /S /F, if you want to force a shutdown and close all applications immediately.

Now, go to Conditions tab and check your preferred settings:


Then go to Settings tab, you can check If the task fails, restart every 30 minutes.

When you are done configuring the settings the way you want, your computer will shutdown automatically.

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Can I schedule shut down on Windows Vista?



There are several methods to shutdown, restart, hibernate your system according to the time set by you.

1. There is a Test  Scheduler in your Windows applications.  It is under the Start Button >>Control Panel>>System and Maintenance  >>   Administrative Tools  >>  Schedule Tasks. In this you can schedule the task which you want.

2. You can have a third party software installed on you system which will help you in scheduling tasks.  It can be downloaded through gadgets of through installing  a new application.

3. A very easy method is giving a command as written in above.  As giving a command in Run Dialog i. e  Shutdown –S –T ??? Here the question marks implies, after how much time you want to shut your system down, in seconds.

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Can I schedule shut down on Windows Vista?


Hello Harry.

Yes, you can shutdown Windows Vista (also Windows XP and Windows 7) at a specified time.

You can either download a third party application that can shut Windows down for you or you can use a function that is already built in, in Windows. This built in function that I am referring to is shutdown.exe.

If you want to shut down Windows after a certain amount of time, you can open a command prompt and type this in:

Shutdown -s -t ???

Where "???" is the number of seconds, you want to wait before the system shuts down. After pressing enter a window will pop up showing the countdown. This window cannot be minimized or closed even by Task Manager. If you want to abort the shutdown, you have to type this in a command prompt:

Shutdown -a

If you want your PC to shutdown at a certain time, on certain days, then you should use shutdown.exe in conjunction with Windows Task Scheduler.

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Can I schedule shut down on Windows Vista?


I acknowledged all the help. You are all very considerable. Thank you very much!

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