Freeze with Windows Vista activation error 0XC004D401

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Formerly I was operating Windows XP on my computer but in some way it worn-out. So, I purchased a new copy of Windows Vista from Microsoft website. But every instance I attempt to activate Windows Vista; I am just receiving the subsequent error message:

Error code



The security processor reported a system file mismatch error.

I can’t work with it please somebody help me! Please send me quick reply!

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Freeze with Windows Vista activation error 0XC004D401


Hello Nora,

The best solution for this problem is to contact the Microsoft people so that they can tackle the situation. There isn't any other way out. If you do so , then obviously you would be going the illegal way. Since you have purchased the Copy, Avail the free service provided by the Microsoft. Follow the link.

You have to be patient while you exchange Emails with the Microsoft people, and your problem will be solved soon.

Take out an print out of the purchase Bill and attach it along with the error screen which you are getting.

Because if you just write down you problem they will ask you the error screen and then your purchase bill. So to make it easier and faster do these things in the first place.

Don't follow any illegal methods like replacing the directories or following any illegal software to do the work.

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Freeze with Windows Vista activation error 0XC004D401


You come across these kind of errors when your Antivirus programs installed in your computer, aren’t compatible with Microsoft Windows. Most of these errors are caused, when your computer has a hard drive error, or an incompatible program is installed in your window.

To get rid of this error try to uninstall all the incompatible programs from your Windows.

  • You may visit here to try activating Windows Vista or verify if your copy has been activated.
  • Perform a system restore to revert your system settings to a time before the system showing up any errors.

If you are unable to remove your conflicting program then use a third party program un-installer such as PERFECT UN-INSTALLER to perfectly remove these conflicting errors to make your system works properly.

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Freeze with Windows Vista activation error 0XC004D401


Hi good day,

This kind of issue occurs due to incompatible programs installed in your computer.

To resolve this kind of issue, you my visit this site and read carefully before proceeding to the task.

I hope it helps. Thank you.



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