Can default settings be changed in the Exchange server?

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Hey Experts,

       Our company has changed our email server from MDaemon to Exchange.  MDaemon did not have public folders and emails on Outlook would always be moved when dragged and dropped. In Exchange, emails that are dragged and dropped to public folders are copied. Can we change the default settings for drag and drop in Exchange to move instead of copy?  Thank you.

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Can default settings be changed in the Exchange server?




Managing default configurations in Exchange Server is a little bit heavy task for the administrator.

There are some perks and requirements, which every administrator has to keep in mind, before making any default configuration, like, there must be some people who do not like to drag some mail or folders in public folders, and delete the original folders / mails. As such, the client programs, like outlook, have the capability to make necessary changes according to the individual users requirements.

In your case, a very easy workaround would be to use the cut and paste option instead of drag and drop.

You have to keep in mind that all the folders can only be moved in the same tree of the public folder, and cannot be moved or copied in different public folder tree.

To move the public folder in the same tree  to a different location or folder perform these simple steps:

Right click the public folder you want to work, and click on CUT

Right click on the folder you want to move, and simply click PASTE


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