Can anyone explain what is Skill Audit?

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Can anyone explain what is Skill Audit? This is very important.

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Can anyone explain what is Skill Audit?


Skill audit is a method that we can evaluate our current strengths and weaknesses and find out what new skills you need and how you can improve your existing skills (weaknesses).

Skill audit can be divided into two parts ‘Skills that I have’, ‘Skills that I need in future’ and it has five stages as Existing skill & knowledge identification, future skills, rating your ability, review your ability rating and future development.

Existing skill & knowledge identification:

First we list down the skills and knowledge get hat we have and write down how we learnt these skills.

Future skills:

In this stage we list down the skills and knowledge that we needed in the future. These skills and knowledge helps our jobs in future.

Rating your ability:

After the stages of 1 and 2 you have gathered the skills and knowledge, we can give a rating for the skills to find out our statistics. By giving 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 we can give the score to our self.

Review your ability rating:

When it comes to reviewing we can give our list to one of our friends, lectures, supervisor or a trusted person to review our list and get feedback from them. The reviewing person need to honest to say the truth.

Future development:

Finally you go through the list, feedback and identify the weak skills and knowledge (based on scores) and try them to overcome by improving them.

I think this will help you well.

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Can anyone explain what is Skill Audit?



Skills audit is an exercise performed by team leaders in order to work out skills and knowledge they need in their organization. The information gathered is very crucial as far as proper management is concerned. The management needs to perform skills auditing in order to analyze whether the firm is successfully meeting its needs.

And if not, what are the factors hindering it? It also helps to identify areas of improvement. It also assist the human resource team to select the right candidate.

Skill audit can also be a fun exercise. One might make a lot of colorful cards, with skills written on them. Then each employer is asked to pick a card and say whether the skill written is available or lacking. Positive outcomes resulting in skills audit include bridging the skills gap among employers, proper training for the selected employers; thus resulting in improved general performance.

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