Call of Duty: MW2; Security Problem on Host – Disconnecting for Safety

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Hi Friends,

Have you ever played Call of Duty: MW2 in multi player mode? I tried several times but an error message prevents me. The message contains "Security Problem on Host – Disconnecting for Safety." I don't know why such problem occurs. I have double checked my internet line. I am using DSL cable line and use Windows firewall. Is this any kind of virus related problem or any network problem?


Security Problem on Host – Disconnecting for Safety.



Melisa Jackson

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Call of Duty: MW2; Security Problem on Host – Disconnecting for Safety


Hello Melisajackson,

 I am a gamer too and was been an admin in RF servers. This online games error might be the problem of patch or something that you are not in the latest updated patch. Try to go in their forums and check the updates and repatch your client.

Otherwise the server is under the maintenance, I suggest you should always do checking their forums for updates, maintenance, changes in game and more . So when you are launching the game you wont see any notices why is it there. Admin got a purpose and if that notice appears i know that it was something about changes.

Regarding that one in notice at the launcher of your game. That means the server is under on maintenance or the server is already updated and to be able to play you need to update your client.



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Call of Duty: MW2; Security Problem on Host – Disconnecting for Safety


This problem is caused by a hacked server. When you play “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” and you enter a particular server not knowing it is the hacked server, you will automatically level up to level 70 in an instant. Then you will see the error saying “Security Problem on Host – Disconnecting for Safety.” This happens because the game checks the experience points each time it changes.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Now, when you get a kill, the game realizes that hack victims had some negative number which is obviously not logical and that’s why it disconnects you from the game. A lot of players experience this and to fix the problem, most of them tried doing prestige. Prestige Mode allows players to totally reset their ranks and unlocks so they can repeat the multiplayer level-up experience again.

When you do Prestige Mode, the calling cards, armory, emblem icons, and weapon camos will not be reset. Every time a player goes to Prestige Mode, the rank icons are replaced with new Prestige rank icons. There are 15 levels of Prestige but there are 16 Prestige rank icons. The 16th Prestige rank icon, also called “Prestige Master,” is given after reaching Prestige 15 Rank 50.

To enter Prestige Mode, go to the “Barracks” menu. When you enter Prestige Mode, you will go back to level 1.

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