Dell C400 Laptop Unable to read CD/DVD

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I am having problems accessing the CD/DVD Rom of my Dell C400 laptop. At first, when I am inserting the Dell installation disk, it worked fine. Later on, it can no longer read even the installation disk from Dell.

Previously, the CD/DVD Rom worked again without issues. So I successfully re-installed Windows when hard drive was corrupted and replaced under Dell Warranty. But even so, after some time, the CD/DVD Rom stop functioning correctly again. What seems to be the problem? I was unable to install some softwares because of this. Please help.

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Dell C400 Laptop Unable to read CD/DVD



First of all, you can try using Microsoft's Fix It, this should be able to help you out with this problem. You can download the application here:

If you want to try and fix it manually without any assistance from an application, you can try deleting the Upper Filters and Lower Filters in the registry. To do this, you need to open regedit. Go to Start, type regedit, then click on it, if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7. In Windows XP, go to Start then Run then type in regedit. Navigate and locate this registry subkey:


On the right, look for UpperFilters as well as LowerFilters. Right click on each of them then choose Delete. Confirm deletion. Restart the computer.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Clair june

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Dell C400 Laptop Unable to read CD/DVD


Hello Sam2186,

Here are the other options on how you can check if the DVD-ROM drive can’t read CD or DVD. Be sure that you have uninstalled all burning software in your PC then restart. Also Uninstall DVD ROM drive in device manager and restart the PC so it may automatically refresh and detect drive. Install the latest driver of DVD drive.

Try to clean the DVD ROM drive with DVD cleaner disc that you can purchase in computer shop or department store. If you have air blower clean the semiconductor laser, lens and photodiodes. A friendly advice do not touch the lens of DVD ROM drive with your finger because it’s really sensitive. In above solution remove the lower filter if you seen in registry. Lastly to know if you’re DVD ROM drive really works restart your PC and try boot an operating system installer if it can boot.

If it won’t boot the bootable OS installer you may encounter a serious problem in DVD ROM drive inner parts. We had encountered this kind of problem before with other model of Matshita DVD-RAM. Our last option is to purchase a new DVD-RAM drive. By the way if you purchase a new DVD-RAM prevent the use of  scratch CD or DVD disk. 

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Dell C400 Laptop Unable to read CD/DVD


Hello Sam,

It seems that your DVD drive has some problems that need to be addressed. You should check to ensure that the cable that connects to the motherboard is connected properly, and that it is not disconnected or loosely attached. If t you are using an IDE hard drive ensure that you have configured the jumpers properly; ensured that you have not interchanged the DVD drive jumpers with the hard disk or floppy drive jumpers.

Another thing that could be possible cause to the problem is that the DVD drive is dirty, may be some dust has accumulated on it and therefore making it a problem to read the data from the DVD. Clean the DVD drive lens with alcohol or spirit or paraffin to remove any dust.


Lee Hung

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