Desktop showing problem after shutting down

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I am a new user posting my first question.

Motherboard: Intel D914PDT

Processor: 3.4 GHz


The problem is that when i shut down my pc, i can not start my pc after that. I have to wait for a day.

After a day i can restart my pc. I installed several operating system.

But none worked. Need solution ASAP.

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Desktop showing problem after shutting down


Hello Robert,

It seems that you need to sleep first for a day before you can use your computer, huh? That’s for is time consuming. Not unless you want to wait until the next day just to let your computer reboots that long. Which I am sure you won’t do it. If you have to then go on, nahh! I’m just kidding.

Now, this problem is a little broad. I have no clue where to start, what the main problem of that computer of yours. But I will give possible reasons and solutions for long term fix.

Possible problem is:

I may say that the problem might be on the Net BIOS itself. Computer can’t reboot the normal way because of missing components and of corrupted hard drive. It may vary on different reasons;

  1. Low memory, RAM
  2. Virus infection
  3. Corrupted Operating System
  4. Hardware problem, part of motherboards and or fan
  5. Observe if it beeps when re-starting



1 long, 2 short

Video adapter error: Bad or improperly seated video card

Repeating beeps

Memory error: Bad or improperly seated RAM

1 long, 3 short

Bad video RAM or video card not present

High-frequency beeps

Overheated CPU: Check fans

Repeating high/low beeps

CPU: Improperly seated or defective CPU

Computer reformat is the best solution.

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