Built-in Mic Device on my Laptop

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Good afternoon.

The built-in MIC device of my laptop is not working but when I checked my device manager, the status there states that it is working properly.

Is there a problem with my hardware or software?

I really need your help.


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Built-in Mic Device on my Laptop


Maybe your laptop’s built-in MIC is really working, and you haven’t really checked if it is only muted, or disabled, or totally turned off its volume in the Sounds and Audio Devices applet in the Control Panel.

Check this area carefully to be sure that there is nothing wrong with its settings and it is properly enabled, and the volume is up.

If after checking you did not find any problem, try uninstalling the soundcard’s driver.

Then check your computer for any possible errors.

Use a disk utility application to check the system.

After that, restart your computer then install again the soundcard’s driver.

Your mic should work now since you already reinstalled the soundcard’s driver.

If your soundcard is working properly, you should be able to use your microphone now.

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Built-in Mic Device on my Laptop


Hallo Wilson,

Your internal MIC might be dead, and therefore you will need to replace it. If you still have the warranty of the computer, you will need to contact the vendor that sold you the computer and then let them fix the issue for you.

But before that do basic troubleshooting such as checking the speaker settings on the computer and ensure that they have not been muted.




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