Boot up problem with Server 2003.

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My server is facing boot up problem. When it is booting up the Windows Server 2003 logo is coming and the screen just shows blank and remains on the blank screen. I have done the ‘check disk’ on the server and it shows an error is fixed. But even after that it is not able to boot up.

When I am trying to boot up in safe mode it is getting hanged. I have reinserted the RAM and battery, but there was no change in the result. Even after I have disconnected and connected again Alice peripherals, the problem remains. I don’t like to re-install the OS as all my settings will be lost. If anybody knows the solution to solving this problem, please help me. I will be thankful for all your help.

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Boot up problem with Server 2003.


Have you tried repairing your Installation of Windows? If not, then you can try to repair your installation by running Windows Setup from the Windows CD.

For repairing Windows Server 2003 installation, follow these steps:
First of all, insert Windows Server 2003 Setup CD in the CD/DVD-ROM. (If you are prompted to “What would you like to do?” Menu, select Exit. Turn off computer, after waiting for ten seconds, turn on your computer again).
When you are prompted to “Start your computer from the CD”, do so.
Now start Setup process and press “Enter” to continue.
Select “To set up Windows now, press Enter”.
To continue you’ll have to accept license agreement by pressing F8.
Now Setup will search for your previous installation of Windows.

a) If it’s hardware failure, Setup will not find previous installation.

b) If Setup finds your previous installation, you’ll be prompted to:
“If one of the following Windows Server 2003 installations is damaged, setup can try to repair it. Use the up and down arrows to select an installation. To repair the selected installation, press R. To continue without repairing, press ESC”.
Select your Operating System installation and press R for repair purpose.

c) Continue by following on-screen instructions to repair the installation.

Hope this helps.

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Boot up problem with Server 2003.


Oh great. After going through the repairing process the problem is gone away. Thanks Oskler Matt helping me.

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