Information About Task Scheduler Operational Code 2

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Hi, I am very frustrated with an operational code 2 error which is continuously appearing in my new task scheduler. I cannot understand this error so cannot solve it. Can someone give me any information about task scheduler operational code 2? If it’s important, I am running the 2003 server.

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Information About Task Scheduler Operational Code 2


Hi, sorry you are having this experience. I can understand your frustration.

Your problem may have a very simple solution. Try this :

Open the dialog box called “edit action”

Then, click on the “Start in” option and enter the entire path of where you want the program to run.

If this does not help, additionally you can click on “configure for” after selecting a new task and type windows 2003 there.  

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Information About Task Scheduler Operational Code 2


It seems “operational code (2)” is a common error when using the Windows Task Scheduler to run programs on scheduled times. To fix the problem, edit your task again then in “Start In (Optional)” field, you need to enter the full path of the program you want to schedule for execution. This may or may not solve your problem but most users were able to fix it this way.

Though the option says “optional” that’s why you are not required to put anything into it, but if you don’t, the script or the executable you want to run cannot depend on the current directory being set to what you might expect. Another thing about the “Start In (Optional)” field, don’t add quotes in this field.

Even if the name of the folder or the directory contains spaces, quotes are not required nor allowed. You can do a little experiment to see if quotes can be used or not in this field. If not then just remove it.

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