Black screen trouble on my monitor

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I have problem with my monitor, sometimes it open normally but sometimes it was only all black. I checked all the connections from monitor to cpu and from monitor to supply for looseness and it's all fine but trouble persist. What shall I do?

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Black screen trouble on my monitor

  • One of the many causes of black screen is if these one elements are either corrupted or in a boot sequence it will no load. Example are Master Boot Record, the partition tables as well as the boot sector and NTLDR file.
  • In this issue you will need to repair your windows installation.
  • Just use your installation CD to start-up your computer, if the welcome screen pops-up just press enter  then it go to the set up windows XP, if your using an XP it’s the same as other windows operating system.
  • Then Press F8 and just agree with the license arrow down then press letter R, now windows will repair the installation files and it will restart again automatically. Just Follow the steps thereafter.
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Black screen trouble on my monitor


Hi…  try to follow this steps.

  1. Restart the computer and press F8 during startup when you see Press 8 in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Using the keyboard arrow keys, select Enable VGA mode and press enter.
  3. In Windows Control Panel double-click the Display icon and select the settings tab.
  • If the brightness and contrast contorls are not set properly? Adjust the monitor brigtness and contrast controls.
  • Then if the issue will not resolve consult that to electronic technician to fix the monitor.

Thank you, hope its help


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