Data does not save on desktop

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I work in computer many hours per day and every time I download or create new file on desktop and then restart my PC 

I do not found files but if I download or create file and save it in any directory E,D or F and then restart I found file so what is the problem and how to stop?

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Data does not save on desktop


There are many reason due to which you could not keep or save document or folder on your desktop. The first is that your drive in which you have installed window is full and can't keep the data into memory it keep these files or folder in ram and it is know to every one that when we restart our pc the data in ram is losted. 

The second reason is that you have installed a defreze software which is enable on you window location drive in which this algorithm is also applied don't keep the data in memory when the system is restart. 

When you download files to desktop for temporary base it is stored but when you restart your pc it is lost. If you have install the software then you should have to disable it and then you will be able to keep files on you desktop.


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