Biztalk server Error code: 0xC0C025CA

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Hi Techyv masters and experts,

I am posting here my problem in using biztalk. While I was executing a query, I got an error result of 0xC0C025CA. I pasted below, the screen shot of the error for clear view of my problem.

Error code: 0xC0C025CA

Error code: 0xC0C025CA

As I am reading on the error, I am squeezing my brain for a solution, but no better solution made. As I checked on the internet for some solution, I found nothing, since almost all scenarios won't fit mine.

That is why I am posting this issue here, in techyv, in hope to be read by many and receiving comments on my problem.

Thanks guys.

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Biztalk server Error code: 0xC0C025CA


There is SQL 2008R2 running under Windows Server 2008R2, which is not supported. Temporarily you can get around it, by using SQL 2005 Express instance on BizTalk machine.

I know you would not like a temporary fix but it's better in times, where your work is stopped. This temporary fix was provided by Microsoft, when this issue was reported with the company and the company gave this solution.

It was found by Microsoft that BTS2009 and SQL2008R2 does not match and run properly with each other.

Later it came up with a permanent fix.

A permanent fix is installing SQL 2008 and everything will run fine and smooth.


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