Sharing Connection on adhoc basis with two different OS

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I have windows 7 Home Basic in my laptop and I have to connect to internet which is having Windows 7 Ultimate through Adhoc connection. Now the problem is, when I try to connect through Laptop having Windows Ultimate, then another laptop does not show Internet connection, but, I tried vice versa, both the laptops are got connected to the Internet. S,o please tell me why laptop having windows 7 Home basic is not connected to internet when windows 7 ultimate laptop provides the connection, please help me?

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Sharing Connection on adhoc basis with two different OS


Hello Johnny!

Can you please try to reset the “computer-to-computer connection by following the instructions bellow? Do this first in Windows 7 Basic or vice versa.

1.  Go to Control Panel and open the “Network and Internet Connections” icon.

2.  Go to Network and Sharing Center, click the link “Set up a new network.”

3.  From the list that will appear, select “Set up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) Network” and then click the Next button.

4.  You will be ask to type Network Name, in the drop down list for Security Type, select WPA2-Personal. Security Key will be the password, it is case sensitive and at least 8 alpha-numeric characters. Tick the box that says “Save this network.” Click Next.

5.  Once done and saved the sharing options, click “View Status”, click the Properties button, click Sharing Tab and tick the box that says “Allow other Network Computers to connect through this computer’s internet connection”. In the Home Networking Connections select “Wireless Network Connection” and click “OK” button.

If this doesn’t work with Windows 7, try it vice-versa use Windows 7 Ultimate as your priority laptop. In computer and networking systems, hierarchy is always considered. The most recent and high platform must be the main connection.

You can also try the step below to check another type of connection.

1.  Click Start and select Control Panel.

2.  Select View Network Status and Tasks.

3.  Select Setup a New Connection or Network.

4.  Select Setup a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) and then click Next.

5.  Under Network Name you can type your network-name preferences or easier to remember type “Home_AdHoc_Network1”

6.  Security Type set to “WEP”.

7.  Set your password at least 8 alphanumeric.

8.  Check the box with “Save this to network.” Click next until you complete the process and close the control panel.

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