The Best Vampire Photo Editor

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I am running a FaceBook page, about creative photos, and best real time edited pictures. I need a photo editor specifically for vampire pictures, or an editor which have a great collection of vampire templates. Please give me a few suggestions, and thanks for your help.

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The Best Vampire Photo Editor


Hi Ted

The best photo editor is still Photoshop and I really advise it to you. All you need to do it is to find vampire pictures samples online, it Is not hard to find. In case you don't have Photoshop yet, you can download it here

I hope my answer will help you

Thank you

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The Best Vampire Photo Editor



If you want a photo editor specifically for vampires, I could offer a couple of suggestions.

Here is a simple software called Vampix.

This nifty program gives you the abilities to adjust the depth of black and white in your photos and toggle for picture and mask. It features a user-friendly interface. The software is not resource hogging, it runs at moderate CPU and system memory.

Then again there is always Photoshop. It is still the best and most popular, photo editing software around.

Here is a video tutorial on how to edit pictures, vampire-like.

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The Best Vampire Photo Editor


Hi Ted,

There are several photo editor that may aid you in your vampire image editing.

  • Pixlr This online photo editor lets you select from three alternatives on how you will modify images. You can select from Advanced or Express that lets you modify images with a wide variety of templates. Pixlr-o-matic or Playful is the automatic photo modification.
  • Befunky – It allows users to enhance their creative skills on modifying their image. You can select from different category where you wanted to illustrate your picture.
  • Online Photo Editor -You just upload the file and let your imagination control you. You can choose from a wide selection of filters thus putting your image into vampire state.
  • PicMonkey This online image editor that has specific Halloween theme template therefore you can simply upload pictures and do the filtering.

Hope this helps.

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The Best Vampire Photo Editor


You can use Photoshop to edit photos:

1. Open the photo that you want to edit it, and the teeth should be visible.

2. Zoom the photo to make the teeth longer with Polygonal Lasso tool.

3. Press (ctrl+d) to do free transform.

4. Zoom the photo out and see what the photo looks like.

5. Then make an editing to change the eye color.

Use this site for editing photos:

You can also watch this video, which learn you how to make vampire photos

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The Best Vampire Photo Editor



There are many photo editors to choose from on the web and a lot are for free. Query with my friends who frequently post pictures on Facebook, the following photo editor was mentioned and recommended by them that they find easy to use, although not in the order of preference:

KIZOA PHOTO. An easy to use software. It has a button click effect, can add frames, does normal editing such as cutting, cropping, red eye removal, rotating and more.

piZap Photo Editor. You can paint, add text, add stickers and many more

Zombie Attack. Can be downloaded from Facebook. In the search box, just type Zombie Attack and follow the next procedure. With this editor, you can work directly within Facebook (as an app) and create your vampire theme.

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